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Eddie Ebeling I make websites.

Eddie Ebeling, UI/UX Developer

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How to Replace Your WordPress Blog

I make websites. I have been a web designer / developer for a number of years and for nearly all of that time I have paid for and maintained a personal website. For years I used it as a marketing and portfolio site to attract freelance work. Lately, I’ve been using it as a blog to [rarely] publish meaningless articles such as this one. However, more than anything it has become a playground for me. A place to keep and deploy prototype work. Somewhere to experiment and learn new technologies. A place to push code to a live web server. All this time I have been renewing annual hosting subscriptions at Godaddy to the tune of $70 per year to mess around with WordPress, a platform built on a development stack I don’t necessarily care to focus on.

Markdown Samples & Style Guide

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